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MetaData for 2019 Priority Oregon Fish Passage Barriers

2019 Priority Oregon Fish Passage Barriers

Identification Information
Originator: ODFW
Publish Date: September 2019
Online Link:
BPA Project #:
Contact Information
Agency: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Name: Jon Bowers
Job Position: GIS Coordinator
Telephone: 503-947-6097
E-Mail Address:
Abstract: This dataset represents the fish passage barriers identified in the 2019 ODFW Priority Barrier List. The dataset is a subset of the Oregon Fish Passage Barrier Data Standard (OFPBDS) focused on the 2019 priority fish passage barriers.

Purpose: The 2019 ODFW Priority Barriers Dataset is a subset of the features found in the Oregon Fish Passage Barrier Data Standard (OFPBDS) Database. Documentation for the OFPBDS can be found online at with OAR 635-412-0015, staff used the information available at each barrier to create a prioritization equation based on the needs of native migratory fish.ODFW accomplished this by selecting the highest priority barriers within each of the 18 ODFW Fish Districts across the State. Then scoring each artificial obstruction based on standardized methods to develop a list of statewide priority barriers that are ranked within similar groups. More details of the prioritization process can be found in the lineage section of the metadata.

Time Period of Content: 2014 - 2019
Geographic Extent: Oregon
Status: Final
Use Constraints: Priority barriers are current as of the 2019 list. The status and priority of these barriers will change over time, so please use the data with caution.
Format: ArcGIS 10.6 file geodatabase and shapefile format

Data Quality Information
Lineage-Source: Spatial data were derived from the Oregon Fish Passage Barriers Dataset. Priority barrier information were developed during an extensive prioritization process, led by the ODFW Fish Passage Task Force. Additional details on dataset lineage can be found within the full metadata that are embedded with the dataset.

Data Information
No data information was supplied.

Entity and Attribute Information
Attributes Description: Field attribute information is available in the attached file(s).

Is a physical copy maintained for reference at Headquarters? Unknown

File Name File Type Category File Uploaded File Description
PriorityBarriers2019.pdf Graphics File 6/5/2023 10:51:39 AM Image of priority barriers (2019). GIS Data File 9/30/2019 3:26:00 PM compressed shapefile of priority barriers 2019 GIS Data File 9/30/2019 3:22:34 PM file geodatabase that contains a feature class of priority barriers 2019

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